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    Elektrikere og installatører

    Hold dig opdateret om udviklingen inden for teknik og få adgang til komplette løsninger, der opfylder dine kunders behov. Drag også nytte af vores brede ekspertise og omfattende support så du kan brilliere i din rolle og få fremgang.

    Til elektrikere og installatører

    Her har vi samlet links til emner som ofte er relevante for dig der arbejder som elektriker eller installatør
    • Stories of electricians Australia

      Follow Bob Cross on his daily routine in and around his home and you will notice his commitment to both his electrical work and family.

    • Stories of electricians Brazil

      20-year-old Vitor became an electrician after completing the Schneider Electric Access to Energy program in Brazil. He has found a career that rewards his potential and passion.

    • Stories of electricians Russia

      As an electrician, Sergey enjoys the different types of jobs and people he encounters every day, from technical support for engineering systems to automation system implementations. He never stops learning and being his daughter’s all-time support.

    • Stories of electricians Hong Kong

      Yi, an electrician in Hong Kong, has known his business partner for more than 10 years. His experiences allow him to grow in the industry, and as a better husband and son.

    • Stories of electricians Indonesia

      To an electrician like 32-year-old Ismail Mubarokah, a Schneider Electric partner, the job of electrician offers more rewards than risks. Apart from the achievement he has made in his career, he has also gained his support system - his family - along his way.