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    Merten Trancent


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    The world''s first glass switch

    Merten Trancent
    • Egenskaber

      Colours and surfaces
      Merten Trancent is available in:

      Thermoplastic brilliant cover frames in

      • Aluminium colour


      • Satinated
      • Transparent

      Installation and mounting

      Trancent Glass applications can be combined in an installation with the help of the Trancent cover frame with all Artec centerplates in aluminium colour.

      Applicable in all standard CEE 60 boxes, no change in wiring needed.


      • Merten Trancent matches modern architecture by its transperancy and clearity
      • Unique and outstanding design with high quality glass
      • Touch sensor operation for the switching dimming and blind control makes Merten Trancent different and gives a high tech feeling
      • Electronics for switching, dimming, shutter control and KNX
      • Applicable in all standard CEE 60 boxes, no change in wiring needed, there fore also perfect in renovation
      • Up to 3 gang glass coverplates and various combinations with socket outlets available


      Merten Trancent is perfect for those who are looking for more "transparency" in residential and in offices