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    • Smart Panel makes energy data visible as the first step to energy efficiency in buildings

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    Get a clearer picture of where, when, and how your building resources are consumed The Smart Panel delivers real-time metrics for making informed, cost-effective decisions about your buildings’ total energy usage. 20% of a building’s operating cost is for energy consumption

    Now, take control of energy usage with a clearer picture of where and when it is consumed

    Smart Panel energy management solutions from Schneider Electric help small- to medium-sized buildings meet their environmental and operational goals.

    This low-voltage switchboard technology simplifies energy efficiency actions by:

    • Automating the collection of WAGES readings at the source to eliminate the errors and effort of manual tracking.
    • Cross-referencing usage by type (lighting, heating, hot water, AC, etc.) with usage by zones (offices, storage, car park, etc.) to give a clear picture of where, when, and how resources are consumed.

    Watch online how the Energy Operation solution works!
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