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    • What is the best strategy for Smart Grid planning?

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    Utilities that are planning a smart grid transformation are grappling with an intricate and multifaceted initiative. Some are just beginning the journey, while others have invested significant time and funding into developing a workable strategy. Aligning investments with the topmost business drivers is essential, and technology needs are a factor, but following this five-step approach to constructing a Smart Grid roadmap is the key:

    • Define internal roles and responsibilities of utility management and staff in building the roadmap.
    • Conduct workshops to discuss drivers and requirements.
    • Define priorities through a business case for implementing smart grid technologies.
    • Document the plan.
    • Communicate.

    Each utility faces unique challenges, so it’s not a “one size fits all.” But following this approach will ensure clarity for all stakeholders.

    Navigate the complexities of creating a Smart Grid roadmap with guidance from Schneider Electric
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