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      Try RFID and you'll adopt it!

      The Schneider Electric plant at Rieti in Italy manufactures Multi 9 range units at a rate of 3600 circuit-breakers per hour.
      Productivity and quality demand even more reliable and evolutionary data, hence the selection of an RFID system.

      Ositrack has been successful in field tests for its quick and simple integration, without interference, in the 24/24 hour process. Ositrack has been simply integrated on existing machines via a Twido PLC on Modbus.

      Due to its read/write reliability and speed, the Ositrack system has enabled changing of the series in masked time and instant diagnostics for analysing anomalies, whilst at the same time remaining insensitive to magnetic and electric fields.

      Field tested, Ositrack has been unanimously and definitely adopted.
      Offering a competitive investment, Ositrack will now be integrated in a second production line and another project is underway for automated dispenser management.