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      Contacts for Preventa XCS safety switches

      » XCS plastic safety switches integrate new contacts, they are conform to IEC/EN 60947-5-1, IEC/EN 60204-1, EN/ISO 12100, EN 1088 / ISO 14119 standards and could be wire to a Preventa safety control system.
      » New 3 slow break contacts bloc for XCSPA/PR/TL.
      » New 2 or 3 snap action contacts bloc for XCSPA.

      » Packaging and conditioning machines, small presses.
      » Small machines fitted with guards or covers.

      » max category 4 and PL=e, according to EN/ISO 13849 and/or  SIL3 according EN/IEC 62061 (with a safety control system)
      » 1 output for ISO M16, PG11, ½ NPT cable gland.
      » Degree of protection IP67
      » 2 NC or NC+NO or 2 NC + NO or 2 NO + NC snap action contact for XCSPA or slow break contact for XCSPA/PR/PL
      » Opening contact equal or greater than 5° for XCSPR/PL.