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      Motor Management System: the TeSys T familly expands!

      The Industrial Processes require high level of Motor protection and availability.  TeSys T, on the market for more than one year, already had all the Protection, Control and Monitoring functions to meet the customer requirements.

      TeSysT Ethernet: a step forward to the continuity of service

      • With the new TeSys T and the Ethernet connectivity your process goes even further in the continuity of service. Thanks to the dual port attachement, TeSys T supports Daisy Chain architectures and ring topologies. With an automatic recovery time of less than 500 ms in case of Bus failure, downtimes for your installation will be minimized.
      • In addition, thanks to the Faulty Device Replacement service, the use of any configuration software to replace a damaged product is no longer necessary. Install a new product, set its rotary switches to the correct position, connect the product to the Network and the product configuration file will automatically be downloaded from the Faulty Device Replacement server to TeSys T.

      LTMCU control unit operator: Keep in touch with your motor

      • Combined with the new LTMCU Human Machine Interface, TeSys T allows the operator to locally monitor the installation and access to advanced diagnostic information.