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      Osiris becomes OsiSense, the name for all the Schneider Electric sensors - Discover photo-electric sensors OsiSense XUX8

      The photo-electric sensors XUX8 are ideal for detecting the height of the pallet in order to stop a packing or film wrapping operation.

      Teaching makes adjustment of the sensor easy and this is performed in 2 steps by simply pressing on a button:

      • 1st press for background suppression.
      • 2nd press for detecting the object.
        Suppression of the background, objects or persons, by simply pressing the “Teach” button, assures optimum operation of your machine.

      A product to see everything
      No matter what material is to be detected (opaque, reflective or transparent) the XUX8 sensor adapts perfectly to these variations.

      Some major advantages

      • 2 metre detection distance
      • M12 connector or screw terminal (Ø 7 to 12 mm cable) connection
      • Dimensions: 90 x 70 x 30 mm
      • Plastic shockproof case
      • 3-wire DC and AC/DC versions