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      Rolling, annealing & packing lines in steel industry, China

      Wuxi Power one of our panelbuilders in China, manufactures Blokset low voltage switchboards.

       They have been awarded in 2006 a contract for high power switchboards and MCCs (Motor Control Centers) in steel industry.
      Two separate batches : 58 and 23 cubicles for electrical distribution (D type) and withdrawable MCC (Mw type)

       Strong points of this project :

      • Weng Yan, project engineer in EMS department, Schneider Electric, speaks : « End-user trusts Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric components were the only to be specified for use in the LV distribution switchboards by end-user. »
      • « Considering the competitive offer, good project management and good relationship with main contractor for the Rolling & Packing Line project (1st contract), we got the 2nd contract (Rolling & Annealing Line) directly from main contractor, as an exclusive bidder. »
       Customer feedback :
      • « Blokset is good looking, well designed and assembled, using high quality components. It overall shows a good level of functionality. »
      • « Schneider Electric and its partner Wuxi Power have shown an efficient, adaptative and satisfactory project management. »