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      MotorSys, change your references!

      MotorSys solutions combine:

      • The most dependable low voltage switchboards (Blokset, Okken, Prisma Plus)
      • With the latest generation protection and motor control systems (Tesys U, Tesys T, Eagle…) Totally open-ended, the MotorSys motor control and management systems are compatible with all existing industrial communication protocols. All of the data needed to control, optimize and monitor your process is permanently accessible both locally and remotely:
      • setting and activating of protection devices
      • configuring and controlling motor controls
      • motor status monitoring (alarms and tripping)
      • data exchange (statuts, measurements, diagnosis, history, counters) With MotorSys, you have the configuration that is best suited to your process, guaranteeing an optimal level of reliability and the best return on investment
        - Minimum 70% reduction in unexpected process downtimes
        - 90% elimination of motor burnouts
        - Over 50% reduction in maintenance costs
        Wherever we have to anticipate process stoppages,
        MotorSys provides new solutions for motor protection and control. It is therefore ideally suited to providing protection in sectors directly related to our daily lives such as Oil & Gaz, chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, agri-food, infrastructures, water treatment and distribution, etc…, as well as industrial installations such as paper mills, iron and steel works, cement works, mines, etc …

      Discover the characterics of MotorSys, with the links here opposite.