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      Monitoring energy to get efficiency in Italian shopping centre

      The shopping centre of Pontecagnano (Campania region) covers a total area of 68,500 sqm, and proposes, among other things 120 shops. One might as well say that the electrical power distribution plant needs be ready to support the needs of the commercial mall. In fact, technologically speaking, it is already one of the most advanced plant in the whole region.

      The Engineering
      Landi Engineering Studio designed the energy supervision system, which completes a costs analysis with a tariff simulation. "An in-depth analysis of electricity consumption and costs thereof represents an essential support for a correct approach to the purchase of electric power," says Nicola Barbella of Landi Engineering.
      How does it work on the technical part?
      The shopping centre is supplied through a 20 kV nominal voltage electrical substation composed of 4 model T-Cast resin transformers with 2,000 kVA nominal power; transformer units’ medium voltage protection is provided by switches of the SM6 range.

      In the MV/LV Schneider Electric station, a series of innovative measurement devices control the supply towards the shopping arcade’s different sectors, the air treatment units and the refrigerating units. Each shop is equipped with a Prisma plus electric switchboard panel, completed with Multi 9 modular units and furnished with a digital PM9c measurement device. For the security lighting, OVA rescue unit of the Powersin EP 10000 series has been adopted. It supplies the lamps installed along the corridors.

      The supervisor station software provides real-time general views of the plant, as well as a detailed zoom-in on each measurement device, trend curves on energy, power and power factors, tariff simulations, the processing of various types of detailed or aggregate reports, exportation of data for further investigations.

      The commercial center is under control; our customer has the ability to know at every moment the energy consumption of the building and to manage it efficiently.