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      The 3 days of Initi@tive 2007 in Hyderabad,

      From September 11 to 14, 2007, Schneider Electric played host to 3,400 Indian customers, for the 16th Initi@tive private trade fair organized since 2003.

      This year, after Nice for Europe in January, Dubai for Oil & Gas market in February and Chengdu for China in April, it was the fourth showcase to let customers discover our solutions around two topics at the Center of the New Electric World:

      - Energy Efficiency – Schneider Electric India has launched this program in the country, showing how to optimize energy costs - with savings of 10% to 30%, and how to make energy even more reliable and available.

      - Automation Everywhere – Schneider Electric has shown how to deliver more flexibility and real-time control, in all markets, thanks to a new generation of intelligent automation devices.

      A genuine success –   Inviting 3,000 customers, it actually welcomed more than 10% unexpected customers who registered on site, paying for their own trip. The rumour spread over the 3 days about the high quality of the event!

      Most importantly, Schneider Electric’s image in India has changed dramatically. From the booths to the technical seminars, from the opening ceremony to the gala dinner, the innovation and technology displayed as well as the sheer magnitude of the event were eye-openers to our Energized and confidentcustomers. “I had already made my mind to place my order on Schneider Electric’s main competitor until I reached the venue and saw the grandeur and global strength of Schneider Electric. I developed the confidence and decided that this is the company I want to work with and whom I can depend upon.” Selesh Gupta, on behalf of DHBVNL, South Haryana Utility.

      Initiative India in Hyderabad – Key Figures
      - 230 Schneider Electric experts, including 60 from business units
      - 55 unique conferences and demonstrations
      - 11,600 conference sessions attended by individual customers
      - 75 booths
      - 1 cybercafé
      - 10,000 square-meter venue