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      Nyheder and : new web sites!

      To give you a more global view of Schneider-Electric offers, the and sites are joining up with

      Easier, faster access and a more global view!
      • You'll find Merlin-Gerin products range in the Electrical Distribution space and those Telemecanique product ranges in the Automation & Control space.
      • With just one click you can switch from one offer to the other.

      Keep your routines: links don't change!
      • If the addresses of the and sites are saved in your Favorites, there's nothing to do: you will be automatically redirected to the new Home Page of
      • If you are a subscriber, you will continue to receive your e-letter; there are no modifications to be made.

      It's a date for February 2008, in the new Electrical Distribution space of!

      The web team wishes you an Happy New Year 2 0 0 8