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      Boost your business with our design software!

      You are in an electrical design department whatever company you work for (design office, contractor, or manufacturer), two main Software are at your disposal:
      ID-Spec defines electrical distribution principle and specifies electrical distribution equipment. It allows you to discuss with your customer his needs and to define the relevant point of the building.
      My Ecodial calculates LV electrical networks. My Ecodial helps you to choose the right equipment and to optimize your electrical installation.

      You are an OEM, you need to do configurations of PLC according to machine or process control, each PLC has its own configurator. For example M340 design, Premium design and Quantum design are your workmate to define the PLC. They guide you step by step through the design of your PLC and reassure you as to the validity of your installation.

      Our design software help you to sell and to win businesses in each job. Further more, they integrate well into your process to reach a higher efficiency and productivity in all phases of the design.

       Save your time, it is our main preoccupation,
       we pay attention
       - to be easy to use,
       - to be compliant with your day-to-day habits,
       - to be up to date.