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      Sepam serie 10 protection relay

      • A cost-effective solution, it protects your network using just those features you actually need.
      • This is a product that is easy to set up and use, with no need for computer assistance.
      • It is compact, user-friendly.

      Protection relays constantly monitor the power network and trip the circuit breakers to isolate the faulty portion under fault conditions: overloads, short circuits, insulation faults, etc.
      Sepam series 10 provide the protection of secondary power distribution networks (MV/MV and MV/LV substations)
      Protection of buildings with MV power supply: office buildings, shopping centres, industry, warehouses, etc.
      With Sepam series 10, Schneider Electric, the world leader in Power & Control applications brings you quality at the right price.

      Make the most of your energy with the best quality at the right price.