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      Masterpact UR significantly leverages customer Maersk performance in Oil& Gas

      Maersk Drilling had to deal with the need of high power on the Jack up, while minimizing the consequence of high short circuit current in case of fault.  After study, the “Masterpact UR”, thanks to its strong current limitation, was chosen as the best solution to provide full protection of equipment and personnel while allowing a maximum flexibility of operation of the electrical network.


      'Maersk Resilient' Jack up, already in operation in the Persian Gulf, is the first in a series of four identical rigs currently under construction in Singapore. The following three highly advanced next-generation 350ft jack up rigs will be delivered from Keppel FELS over the coming 12-15months.



      The “Masterpact UR” circuit-breaker marks a breakthrough in the world of electrical distribution for the marine and offshore sector making it possible to avoid medium voltage equipment and instead stick to low voltage equipment. Inserting the “Masterpact UR” as a bus coupler in the installation makes it possible to reduce the short circuit peak current by approximately 30 to 40 % and allows the electrical network to remain in low voltage. Customers benefit substantially through savings not only in the installation phase but also throughout the entire operation life of the electrical network. The advanced technology reduces the unwanted consequences of short circuits up to 690 V.

      Power consumption on ships and offshore platforms is increasing thereby creating a demand for more powerful generators. However, medium voltage networks collide with the strong space limitation on ships and offshore platforms. With its unique features

      Masterpact UR is the solution to the problem

      More info about this new power circuit breaker through the link joined.